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LightWater universal limescale filter also for Lavazza LB951 machine


Resin sachet to dip into the water tank

SOFTENING:LightWater through ion exchange, the replacement of calcium and magnesium ions, in their soluble and insoluble forms, present in drinking water, with sodium ions. In particular, as the total hardness increases, a greater amount of sodium in the water will correspond. This quantity is given in milligrams / liter so in very modest quantities and absolutely compliant not only with the legislative provisions but also with the guidelines expressed by the O.M.S.

COMPLIANCE:LightWater complies with regulation (EC) 178/2002, 852/2004 and EU 1935/04; to Legislative Decree 206/2005 and to the alt. 9 of Law 31/2001, to the Ministerial Decree n. 174 of 6/04/2004, regulation concerning materials and objects that can be used in fixed systems for the collection, treatment, adduction and distribution of water intended for human consumption, to regulation 2023/2006 / EC on good manufacturing practices for materials and objects intended to come into contact with food (GMP).

N.B .:

WashLightWater with running water to activate the resin.
Operation: passive, inside the tray
Maximum sodium release: 125 mg / liter
Disposal: Special non-hazardous waste C.E.R. 19.09.05
Type: Domestic appliance for the treatment of drinking water

Comparative photographic example after a period of 3 months:
foto caraffe anticalcare

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