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Illy UNO System Capsules

Capsules for UNO System for Illy coffee machine
200 AGOSTANI PRIMO compatible capsules
Agostani compatible pods Primo

The Illy Uno System capsules, an innovative and reliable system designed by Indesit in collaboration with Illy, enclose the unmistakable aroma of Illy blend and ensure the preparation of a perfect espresso coffee.
The Uno System capsules with Illy brand work on Uno Indesit coffee machine and you can choose your favourite blend between: Dolce Espresso, Espresso Napoli, Sublime 100% Arabica and illy coffee decaf.
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NB: At the moment the Illy capsules UNO System are not available. You can still order Kimbo pods or Agostani capsules made for UNO Indesit coffee machines.

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