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Uno Capsule System

On you can find original (Illy and Kimbo) and compatible capsules and pods for your Uno System coffee machine.

Uno System Capsules

Uno Capsule System was born in 2013 from an idea of two historical italian companies operating in the roasting sector, Kimbo and Illy, in collaboration with Indesit (which was later joined by Hotpoint, also part of the Whirlpool group). The Uno System espresso coffee machines were born from this synergy. Uno System espresso machines feature a refined and essential design and are compatible with the original Illy and Kimbo pods or with suitable compatible capsules, such as those branded Caffè Agostani and Caffè Borbone.


Kimbo Uno System capsules

Kimbo provides different coffee blends in capsule fitting Uno System: 100% Arabica espresso (creamy and velvety), Napoli espresso (intense and creamy), Dolce espresso (delicate and rich aroma), decaffeinated espresso (for dek lovers ). Each capsule contains 7 grams of ground coffee.


Illy Uno System capsules

Illy offers various blends fitting Uno System machines, all born from the combination of the best selections of 100% Arabica coffee, in three variants: medium roasting (red color - soft taste), strong roasting (black color - intense taste), and decaffeinated (color green - dek with less than 0.05% caffeine).


Uno System compatible capsules

Those who have an Uno System machine and are looking for a cheaper alternative to Kimbo and Illy capsules without sacrificing the quality of a good espresso can purchase compatible pods branded Agostani, available exclusively on The Primo line coffee capsules are packaged individually to preserve the quality and aroma of the blends. Different types are available: Titanium (intensity 5, just full), Gold (intensity 8, strong taste), Silver (intensity 6, creamy), Decaffeinated (intensity 4, same taste and aroma as espresso but with a reduced quantity of caffeine). The price is advantageous, and tasting kits and special offers with free shipping are also available. The Borbone capsules compatible with Uno System are an excellent alternative, specially designed for Neapolitan espresso lovers.


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