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Capsules and pods for Lavazza coffee machines

The Lavazza brand inevitably suggests a delicious Italian coffee with an unmistakable taste and aroma.

Founded in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, it has soon become the world leader in the production of coffee (ground in powder or pods) and espresso coffee machines.

Lavazza has made its quality known worldwide thanks to its wide range of coffee machines that stand out for their efficiency, ease of use and affordable price. The different dispensing systems distinguish the different product ranges: Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Blue, Lavazza Espresso Point.

All coffee machines guarantee the best professional quality even at home and optimal brewing temperature and pressure. It is possible to use both the original pods and the convenient Caffè Agostani compatible capsules which, while maintaining high quality standards, allow for considerable savings.

By selecting the icon of your Lavazza coffee machine you can view and purchase online coffee capsules and pods, and receive the best coffee blends at a great price in a few days, in the comfort of your home!

Macchine Lavazza per sistema Espresso Point

EP Mini - Lavazza

EL3100 - Lavazza

EP2100 - Lavazza

EP850- Lavazza

EL3200 - Lavazza

Inox - Lavazza

Martinee - Lavazza


EP3500 - Lavazza

EP2500 Plus - Lavazza

EP951- Lavazza

Macchine Lavazza per sistema A Modo Mio

Minù - Lavazza

Smeg - Lavazza

Espressgo - Lavazza

Jolie - Lavazza

Magia - Lavazza

Tiny - Lavazza

Idola - Lavazza

Macchine Lavazza per sistema Lavazza Blue

LB1000 - Lavazza

LB850 - Lavazza

LB800 - Lavazza

In Black - Lavazza

LB2000 - Lavazza

LB2100 - Lavazza

LB2200 - Lavazza

LB951 - Lavazza

In Black - Lavazza

In Black - Lavazza

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