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In this section you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the online purchase of pods, capsules and coffee machines on our e-commerce site.

Is signature required to purchase?

Yes, you must register to order and access to all the sections of the site in order to provide all the information necessary for the fulfillment of your order: delivery address, VAT for invoicing etc.
You can put in your shopping cart all the products that you want without being registered, but you will be required to register when you want to finalize the order.
The registration will give you access to your personal area, where you can monitor the status of your orders, manage delivery addresses etc...
In addition, by registering, you will have the opportunity to receive information about news and / or promotions related to products with our newsletter.
Your informations will be only used for the management of the order and will not be absolutely provided to third parties.

How much does delivery costs?

The shipment has a fixed cost of 15 Euros, regardless of the quantity purchased.
There are special promotions that provide a discount on the cost of transportation.
The cash on delivery has a cost of 4 euro, additional to the cost of transport.

Can I pay with C.O.D?

No, the C.O.D. is accepted only in Italy.

When I will receive my order?

Delivery is in 24 to 48 working hours from the date of shipping depending on the destination.
The proof of postage is signaled by email.
ATTENTION: The timing indicated by couriers are reported as average distance.
They don't represent in any case a contractual obligation.

What happens if anyone isn’t at the delivery address at the moment of the delivery?

Don't worry: the goods aren't returned to the sender. The Courier will leave the docket of attempted delivery. The goods will be re-delivery to the first working day (depending on the courier). Alternatively you can contact your local office of the courier, who has charge of your delivery, to the number provided on the aforementioned docket and agree with them on the day and time of delivery.

Can I report the exact time of delivery?

The type of delivery used doesn't provide delivery on appointment.
Generally Couriers deliver from 8.30 to 18 / 18:30.
You can indicate in order notes delivery preferences such as "delivery morning / afternoon", "delivery from / after ..." and in any case by time zone not less than 3 hours.
Your preference will be reported to the carrier but does not constitute a constraint, at least for the first pass.
Instead requests such as "delivery from 12.15 to 13 ..." or "delivery at lunchtime" aren't accepted.

Will I be contacted by the courier before delivery?

Usually for the first step the courier attempts delivery without phone contact.
If we are required, we will be reported on the label, but we can't give assurance that the driver performs this provision.

How do I check that my order has been accepted?

At the end of the ordering process you will be automatically reported the successful of this and the order code just entered.
In any case, if the order was entered correctly, you are displayed in the section "Your Orders" that you can access after logging in, click on your user or on the section "My Profile".

I chose payment by credit card but takes me on the PayPal website: I don't have a PayPal account.

Payments by credit card are made through Paypal that acts as support's bank. You don't need to be registered and have an account to pay.
Simply click on the indication "Don't have a Paypal account?" and it will open the normal form of credit cards.
Transactions through Paypal are secure and certified.
NOTE: There is no trace in any of our records of the code of the Credit Card.

What can I do if I receive a damaged package

All orders shipped from our warehouses are perfectly packed and sealed, so that the package is protected from accidental opening.
If at the moment of delivery you observe that the packaging is damaged, the box is ruined or shows signs of tampering or opening, it is your right to report it to the courier and possibly accept the goods as "subject to verification". In this way, after it reported, we will evaluate the possible damage and agree on what to do.
We'll take care of the problem with the courier.

Can I open the package before I signed and/or I paid the withdrawal?

No, the verification can be carried out only after acceptance of delivery. It's important to remember that the courier doesn't know the contents and / or the quantity of the goods.
If you have problems about your orders you must always refer to our Customer Service (

Can I cancel an order?

Yes. You shall promptly report with a message from the site through the form "contact us".
The most important thing is to verify the correct details of the order to be canceled: the order number and the email address of reference.

What's included in the price of coffee that I view?

The price shown for each product is referred to the single sales package, in the description of the same is reported the number of pieces contained.
The price includes VAT (22%) BUT DOESN'T INCLUDE the accessory kit of service (cups, stirrers, sugar); this kit can be purchased separately in the section "filters and spare parts".
The price DOESN'T INCLUDE shipping fees, which have a fixed cost to be added to the total of the goods purchased.

Do prices include VAT?

Yes, all the prices of the products on the site include VAT at 22% *.
*NOTE: For some products, such as tea, infusions, flavored ... the tax is 10%.

How do I know which products to buy for my coffee machine?

If you are not sure you can see which products are available for your coffee machine in several ways:

  1. In the section "Need Help" (in the menu to the left) are present the most brands of coffee machines on the market. If you click on the photo of your coffee machine you can find the products that can be ordered.
  2. You can search on "Search by machine type" by selecting from the dropdown menu brand and model possessed
  3. You can enter the specific model of the coffee machine in the search field.

The page of the online bank has closed at the moment of the transaction by credit card, how can I remake the payment?

You must simply recover the mail of order summary that you receive.
Under the list of purchased products there is a link, clicking on it you will return to the page of the online bank to repeat the procedure.

How can I do if the link of the payment that I received by email is not valid?

You must simply select, copy and paste all rows of the link into the address bar of your browser.

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

At the time of shipment will be sent a confirmation email with a link to the courier's website for tracking.
You can also check your order status in the special section of the site.
ATTENTION: it's possible that already delivered orders result still in the works.

Why the tracking link that I received says "shipping not found"?

The email is sent at the moment of the order management.
The tracking is visible only after the courier issued the shipping code, which usually happens the day of shipment after 21.00.

What's the "Coupon"? How can I use it?

The coupons allow you to get discounts on an order.
Some of these you can get shopping on partners sites, others are sent to all customers through newsletters for special promotions or related to specific product lines.
The codes must be entered in the appropriate box of the cart and clicking on "apply coupon".

Why can't I apply the coupon?

The codes will not be applicable if the cart already contains a particular promotion.
You must also verify any limitations of the same, as product expiration or minimum of order.

How can I deliver my order to a different address than the recording?

There is the address field at the checkout: you can enter and select a new destination clicking on "new address".
The new address will be saved in the profile and will be selected for future orders.

How do I report that delivery must be in the workplace?

If delivery is not regularly done at home, we recommend you to create a new address by adding next to the reference surname the word "at" or "c / o" followed by the specification, such as shop / bar etc, or the name of your company / office to avoid delays in delivery.
You can also report in the box "Note Options Customer" any opening / closing days etc...

I am registered as a private, how can I receive an invoice for my order?

You can change your profile from private to company clicking on "add billing information" and selecting "company" instead of "person".
After entering the required fields and saving your changes, you can continue with your order confirmation.

Can I change the method of payment of an order placed?

The system, accessing the cart with an order already placed, offer the possibility to choose the change of the payment of the current order or enter a new one.

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