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Lavazza Nims

Pods and capsules compatible with Lavazza Nims machines

On you can buy online Caffè Agostani capsules compatible with coffee machines that use the Lavazza NIMS system.
NIMS, an acronym of New International Metalcraft Society, is an Italian company founded in 1979. In 1994, in collaboration with Lavazza, NIMS created a system of espresso machines. In 2017 Nims spa joined the Lavazza Group.
Caffè Agostani has created the TOP compatible capsule line, developed for Nims customers who use Lavazza Espresso&Cappuccino, ECL101 or Lavazza In Black coffee machines, and born from the selection of the best coffee blend. Available in both single and double doses.
Choose the TOP Agostani coffee pods for your Nims Lavazza system and take advantage of the quantity offers!

Lavazza NIMS
Lavazza NIMS new capsule in Black


Lavazza NIMS
Lavazza NIMS alte capsula In Black


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