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Borbone Coffee ESE Pods 44 mm

Borbone Coffee Easy Serving Espresso ESE Pods 44mm

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Caffè Borbone Ese 44 mm Paper Pods
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The Borbone ESE Coffe Pods are perfect to obtain a really good espresso coffee; they are compatible with all the italian coffee makers that use the Easy Serving Espresso System, allowing you to obtain a real Neapolitan coffee.
All the ese pods are different and they are packed with different colors, referred to all the flavours: Red (dense mixture and energetic), Black (coffee with strong taste), Blue (round and balanced mixture), Gold (the mixture of Neapolitan tradition, for connoisseurs) and Green (decaffeinated).
Buying 500 Borbone ese coffee pods 44 mm, you'll have a Discounted Rate!

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