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Agostani coffee beans

Caffè Agostani in grani
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Agostani Coffee Beans

TheAgostani coffee is also availablein grains, in 1 kilo packs. It is a blend born from a careful selection ofArabica and Robusta, wisely dosed and toasted in order to enhance the aromatic profile. Agostani coffee beans are ideal for those who loveItalian espresso decided, full-bodied and creamyin the cup.

Packaging is meant forto better preserve the aroma and freshness of coffee, protecting its taste, aroma and flavor. In fact, the whole coffee beans keep all the aromatic properties intact.

The coffee beans can be used in bars, invending machines (the machines present in offices or companies), but also in the machines fromautomatic and super-automatic coffees for home use (such as those made by Delonghi, Saeco, Gaggia or Philips, just to name a few). It is also suitable for those who use thecoffee maker but loves to buy coffee beans as wellgrind it on the spot at home before preparing the espresso with the mocha, also choosing the degree of grinding according to your tastes.

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