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Agostani coffee beans

Caffé Agostani blends are comes from a careful selection of Arabica and Robusta grains, wisely dosed and roasted to enhance their aromatic flavor.

Coffee beans

Agostani Coffee Beans

Caffé Agostani is also available in grain packs of 1 kilo. This blend comes from a selection of Arabica and Robusta, wisely dosed and toasted to enhance the aromatic profile. Agostani coffee grains are the perfect choice for those who love a full-bodied and creamy Italian Espresso in the cup.

The packaging preserves coffee aroma and freshness, maintaining all aromatic properties of the grains.

The coffee grains suit bars, vending machines, and the automatic and super-automatic systems for home use (such as those made by Delonghi, Saeco, Gaggia, and Philips).It is also suitable for those who use the coffee maker and love to buy coffee grains to grind at home before preparing the espresso with the mocha, choosing the grinding according to taste.

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