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Lavazza Espresso Point

In this section, you will find all compatible and original pods and capsules suitable to Lavazza Espresso Point coffee machines.

Lavazza Espresso Point system

Espresso Point was the first pre-dosed coffee capsule system created by the italian company Luigi Lavazza spa.

These type of coffee pods was created for the business customer and office use and, therefore, to allow you to savor a great coffee in the office, as good as that of the bar.


Original Lavazza Espresso Point Capsules

The original Lavazza Espresso Point coffee capsules are packaged in special packs of two to preserve their aroma and freshness. Hot drinks such as cappuccino, tea, ginseng, barley, chocolate, chamomile, and herbal teas are also available. Lavazza Espresso Point compatible capsules are available as an alternative to the original ones.


Capsules compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point coffee machines

Caffè Agostani capsules compatible with the Lavazza Espresso Point System are available for online sales on

This is the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to the original product by saving money without giving up a quality espresso. 

Each capsule is packaged individually to keep all features and aroma unaltered. The price is affordable thanks to special offers with free shipping. Coffee, barley, ginseng, cappuccino, white drink (milk and creamy flavors), chamomile, tea, herbal teas, and other hot drinks are available.

Alternatively, Caffè Borbone capsules compatible with Espresso Point machines are also available for online purchase. The capsules, individually wrapped, allow you to enjoy an authentic Neapolitan espresso even in the office.


Pods and capsules for your Lavazza Espresso Point machine

Both the original and compatible capsules fit the Lavazza Espresso Point machines. A specific table showing all compatible coffee machines is available in each product sheet.  Consult the Pods and capsules section for Lavazza coffee machines, select your model and find the list of all available products!

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