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How to save on shipping

Corrieri Espresso UPS e DPD


How to save on shipping?


The expedition is made by courier (UPS or DPD).

The shipping cost is fixed for 10 Euros.

Our customers prefer to avoid making monthly orders of small amounts (eg 100 capsules) but shop more (300, 500 capsules or more), to cushion the shipping costs.

Moreover, if you buy at least a product with the following coupon:

Free Shipping

the shipment of the order will be completely free.


Our offers with discounted shipping are:

€ 100 of Lavazza POINT capsules
€ 100 of Lavazza BLUE capsules
512 Lavazza A modo Mio capsules
800 Agostani compatibili Lavazza Point capsules
500 Agostani Top capsules compatible with Lavazza Blue
300 Agostani Best capsules compatible with Nespresso
250 Agostani Small capsules compatible with Lavazza A modo Mio
160 Agostani Big capsules compatible with Nescafè Dolce Gusto
500 Caffè Borbone capsules
600 Termozeta Espresso Cap capsules
510 Espresso Italia Gimoka capsules


Buy the minimum quantity required by the various offers to have free shipping .
In the shopping cart page you'll see how many pods are missing to not pay the shipping.


Requisito per spedizione gratuita

Free Shipping over 65 euro

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