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Small capsules for Agostani Small Cup system

Agostani Small capsules for Agostani Small Cup coffee machine
Agostani Small

The Small Cup Agostani coffee machines work exclusively with the Agostani capsules of the Small line

Compatibility with coffee machines

Agostani Small Capsules for Small Cup Coffee Machines

Caffè Agostani Small line caps come from a careful selection of the best blends and years of experience in the coffee field.
Agostani Small capsules fit Agostani Small Cup coffee machines and are compatible with the Lavazza A Modo Mio system.


Agostani Small Line blends

The Small line is designed for lovers of Italian espresso, and for this reason, the names of the blends are a tribute to the great Italian artists of the Renaissance.

- Raffaello, intensity 10: a strong and full-bodied blend, for a creamy and intense espresso.

- Leonardo, intensity 10: ideal for those who love strong coffee with an intense and robust taste.

- Caravaggio, intensity 10: a full-bodied blend for a creamy coffee with an intense aftertaste.

- Donatello, intensity 9: a soft and full-bodied blend, suitable for any time of the day.

- Giotto, intensity 9: a full-bodied blend for lovers of creamy Italian espresso.

- Michelangelo, intensity 7: a fine and velvety blend, excellent for preparing a delicate coffee with sweet cream.

- Intense decaffeinated: a full-bodied dek blend designed to love coffee but don't want to take too much caffeine.

- Special, intensity 8: a special blend obtained from the best beans selection. Initially offered only in a limited edition, it has become part of the Small line. For a creamy espresso with a sweet and full-bodied taste.


All the capsules are single-dose and individually wrapped to preserve and enhance the organoleptic properties of the coffee.


Agostani Small hot drinks

In addition to coffee, Agostani's Small line also offers capsules to prepare different hot drinks, such as barley, ginseng, Sambuca flavored coffee, cappuccino, nocciolino, cortado, mochaccino, chocolate, lemon tea, chamomile and more.

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