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Capsules and Pods for Illy Coffee Machines

For several years now, the Italian company Illy Caffè has been renowned worldwide for the unmistakable aroma and velvety taste of its coffee. Francesco Illy, who founded the company in Triste (Italy) in 1933, has refined various techniques to improve the conservation of coffee when in contact with the air and does not spoil the aromas. It owns the patent for the pressurized packaging system with inert gas (nitrogen) that allows the quality of the coffee to be kept unchanged.
Illy has specialized in the production of ground coffee in pods and capsules, but its range also includes coffee machines, both for professional and home use. The Illy espresso machines feature a refined design and ease of use.  These machines have evolved, and advanced functions such as Soft-Touch buttons have been introduced in the latest models. Select a model from those below, and find both original Illy and compatible pods and capsules available for that specific machine.
Agostani pods or capsules guarantee compatibility with Illy coffee machines and boast the use of the best coffee blends. brings quality and convenience to your home!

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