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Agostani Coffee Pods 44 mm ESE

44mm ESE coffee pods Agostani
  Ginseng coffee 
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The ESE pods Of measure 44mm have always been synonymous with convenience and quality.
The 44 mm paper pods contain single-portion coffee doses compatible with the bestcoffee machines that work with the e.s.e. system(“Easy Serving Espresso”), such as Mokona Bialetti, Illy, De Longhi, Gaggia, Ariete and many others.
Agostani offers numerous types of pods in 44 mm paper filter: various coffee blends at very advantageous prices (Extra, Classic, President, Regal, Decaffeinated), passing through more refined flavors such as Ginseng and Vanilla, flavored blends, up to Barley, Tea and herbal teas for every taste. offers a particularoffering: buying250 Agostani pods home delivery is free.
If you have never tasted 44mm paper pods, Agostani can request a tasting kit (with free shipping) to test the quality of the four coffee lines.

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