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ESE Coffee Pods 44 mm

On you can buy online a wide range of ESE coffee pods for Easy Serving Espresso coffee machines.

ESE Pods system - Easy Serving Espresso

What are ESE pods? E.S.E. is an acronym for Easy Serving Espresso, a standard created by Illy in the seventies. The ESE pod consists of a specific quantity of ready-for-use coffee powder pressed and then wrapped in two sheets of filter paper with a 44 mm diameter. The filter paper pod generally contains 7 grams of ground coffee.

The single-dose coffee pod must be placed in the appropriate adapter to be used on pod coffee machines and allows you to obtain an espresso that has already been dosed correctly. This kind of pod is eco-sustainable and recyclable in a bio-waste bin, as they are compostable.


Online sale of 44mm coffee pods

On our online store you can find the ESE coffee pods of different brands available for online purchase.

Agostani ESE pods come from a careful selection of the best coffee blends. In addition to the espresso pods, ESE pods of ginseng, barley, herbal teas are available with a range of tasting kits with free shipping.
Lavazza ESE coffee pods come in different flavors: Crema e Gusto, Gran Espresso and Gran Espresso Intenso.
Illy ESE coffee pods are made with 100% Arabica coffee blends in medium, dark, or decaffeinated roasted blends.
Caffè Borbone ESE pods are conceived for those who appreciate the aroma of the real Neapolitan espresso and come in different blends, such as pink, blue, black, green, or gold. Besides coffee pods flavored with guarana, chamomile, and tea are also available. 


Do they fit my coffee machine?

The ESE 44 mm pods fit all coffee machines that use single-dose 44mm pods.
Check the diameter of the pods suitable to your coffee machine (you can use a simple ruler or a meter to measure the diameter of the ground coffee pressed inside the pod). If your coffee machine needs small-sized pods, you can consult the section ESE 38 mm pods.

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