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Bialetti coffee capsules I Caffè d'Italia

original Bialetti Coffee capsules and pods for Mokespresso and Mokona

The capsules Mokespresso Bialetti “I Caffè d'Italia” are prefect to obtain an authentic italian espresso coffee.
Every capsule contains 7 grams of coffee but that's enough to emit a heady fragrance.
The aluminum capsules maintain all the flavor and aroma, respecting the environment: they are 100% recyclable!
The original pods "I caffè d'Italia" work on every Bialetti coffee machines that work with aluminum capsules as Mokona, Tazzissima, Mikissima, Tazzona and Mini Express.
You can choose between 5 blends: Milano (body delicate), Venezia (body rich), Italia Deca (body mellow), Roma (body persistent), Torino (body velvety) and Napoli (body profound). Discover them all.

Bialetti Original aluminum capsules
Agostani King compatible Bialetti capsules
Compatibility with coffee machines

Original Bialetti I Caffè d'Italia aluminum coffee capsules and pods

Bialetti I Caffè d'Italia aluminum capsules are available fors sale on

The original I Caffè d'Italia capsules fit all Bialetti coffee machines that use aluminum caps, such as MokonaMokespresso, TazzissimaMokisima, MugMini ExpressDivaHeartSmart.

Bialetti pods are suitable to make authentic Italian espresso.

Each capsule contains 7 grams of well-dosed coffee. The Bialetti aluminum capsules allow you to maintain the aroma and flavor of the coffee over time and are 100% recyclable.

The coffee blends come in six tastes: Milan (soft taste), Venice (sweet taste), Rome (strong taste), Naples (intense taste), Turin (with chocolate hints), and Italia Deca (decaffeinated with a rich taste).

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