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Termozeta Espresso Cap capsules

Espresso Cap Termozeta capsules for coffee machine
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  Gran Aroma 
  Top Classic 
  100% Arabica 

30 Termozeta Espresso Cap Barley coffee capsules


30 Termozeta Espresso Cap Ginseng coffee capsules

  Lemon tea 

30 Termozeta Espresso Cap English Tea capsules


50 Ristora Instant Chocolate


50 Ristora Instant Cappuccino

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Espresso Cap capsules for Termozeta Coffee Machine

Termozeta Espresso Cap capsules allows you to make an excellent Italian espresso thanks to a carefully selected and ground coffee.
A variety of blends is available: Gran Aroma, Long Cap, Arabica, Top Classic, Decaffeinated and Black Tea.
The savings packs of 120 pods are available on, consisting of 4 packs of 30 single-dose capsules each.
They fit Termozeta Espresso Cap coffee machines, such as Virgola, Quadra, Matic and Tekna.
Special offers are also available for machine + capsules packs.

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