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In this section, you will find all compatible and original pods and capsules suitable to Bialetti System coffee machines.

Pods and Capsules compatible with Bialetti Coffee Machines

On the online shop, you can buy different types of coffee pods and capsules suitable for the Bialetti system. Bialetti, a historic Italian company, is known worldwide for its Moka, invented in 1933. Bialetti has also created different espresso coffee machines that work with single-dose coffee capsules or ESE pods (easy serving espresso).


Coffee Bialetti aluminium capsules

The aluminum capsules branded Bialetti I Caffè d'Italia are 100% recyclable and packaged in single doses (each capsule contains 7 grams of ground coffee). They come in different flavors: Naples (intense taste), Roma (strong taste), Milano (soft taste), Venezia (sweet taste), Italy Deca (decaffeinated with a rich taste), Torino (with chocolate sensorial influences), Palermo (extra strong).


Capsules compatible with Bialetti system

Caffè Agostani King capsules are compatible with Bialetti coffee machines. The perfect solution for those who want to save money without giving up a great espresso, as good as that of your favorite bar!

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