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Illy pods for Nespresso coffee machines

Illycaffè spa, a historic italian company headquartered in Trieste (Italy) and specialized in the production of coffee, has developed a new line of Nespresso compatible capsules.
Aluminum single-dose capsules, made with 100% Arabica Illy coffee blends are ideal for those who own a Nespresso coffee machine for home use (Original line), and want to savor the unmistakable Illy aroma.
Various types of pods are available: Classic espresso (balanced, with a soft and velvety taste), Intense (for a full-bodied espresso), Strong (for a strong espresso with a rich taste), Decaffeinated (for deca lovers) e Long (for long coffee lovers).
Illy capsules compatible with Nespresso machines are available on for online sale in packs of 10 pieces. Periodically they are also proposed in offer at a discounted price.

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