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Lavazza capsules compatible with Nespresso

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Compatibility with coffee machines

Lavazza caps compatible with Nespresso Original systems

Caffé Lavazza has created a line of caps compatible with Nespresso and Nespresso Original coffee machines, to taste its famous blends. Initially made only in plastic, the caps are now also available in an aluminum version. Here are two lines that offer different blends, coming from the top Lavazza innovation and quality. The recommended cup length is indicated on each package: 25 ml for short coffee, 40 ml for espresso coffee, and 110 ml for a long coffee. Check the site www.tuttocialde.come and discover all offers available at the best price!


Plastic caps

Lavazza has carefully selected its precious blends and enclosed them in one state-of-the-art plastic caps, featured by aroma-saving technology, 100% compatible with Nespresso machines for domestic use (Original line).

The following Lavazza coffee blends are available:

  • Harmonic Espresso (strength 8, medium strength coffee with caramel and roasted cereal notes, dark roast, Brazilian and South American blends)
  • Express Decided (intensity 10, dark roast, blends from Brazil, South America, South Asia, notes of cocoa and wood)
  • Vigorous Espresso (intensity 12, for those who love very intense coffee, with caramel notes, dark roast, Brazil and South America blends)
  • Restricted Espresso (strength 11, for a very intense coffee, with notes of caramel and chocolate, Central and South American and South-East Asian blends, dark roast)
  • Colombian Express (intensity 6, Colombian blends, medium roast, fruity and floral notes)
  • Delicate Espresso (strength 4, light coffee with biscuity notes, dark roast, Brazil and South America blends)
  • Rich Decaffeinated Espresso (intensity 6, dark roast, notes of cereals and dried fruit, for those who love decafenaited coffee)


Aluminum caps

Lavazza has also created a new line of aluminum caps produced at zero CO2 impact, for greater eco-sustainability of the entire production cycle.

As blends, the Nespresso Original compatible Lavazza aluminum capsules offer the Italian icons of the Turin-based company:

  • Cream and Classic Taste (intensity12, light roast, for a creamy coffee with notes of spice and dark chocolate, blends from Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia)
  • Gold quality (intensity 8, 100% Arabica blends from Central and South America, light roasting, with fruity and floral notes)
  • Red quality (intensity 10, blends from South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, medium roast, with hints of chocolate)
  • Earth for Planet (intensity 7, 100% organic Arabica blend, hand-picked from organic farms in Central-South America and Africa, medium roast, with notes of cereals)
  • dek (intensity 7, delicate roast, South America and South Asia blends, with notes of dried fruit and chocolate aftertaste)
  • Cream and Strong Taste (strength 13, dark roast, for a creamy, full-bodied, and intense restricted coffee)
  • Cream and Rich Taste (intensity 12, medium roast, for macchiato lovers)
  • Cream and Sweet Taste (intensity 10, medium-light roast, for a soft and velvety espresso, also suitable for cappuccino)
  • Express Master (intensity 12, dark roast, for a strong, full-bodied espresso)

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