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Capsules and Pods for Faber Coffee Machines

Faber Italia srl is a family business specializing in the construction of coffee machines. In 15 years of activity, the artisan spirit that has guaranteed the production of coffee machines over time has never been neglected with attention to every detail and made with extraordinary meticulousness. There technical competence and compliance with quality standards have made it possible to produce coffee machines such as the Slot (characterized by a refined design and numerous color variations) or the Gea Bar. Both are reliable and use the practical system a filter paper pods pre-dosed (44mm ESE) which allows you to easily prepare an excellent espresso like that of the bar.

Coffee machines equipped with this build quality and of these high performance give their best by using coffee pods with fine and selected blends.
On you can find the quality and convenience of Agostani pods that will satisfy the taste of the most demanding espresso coffee connoisseurs.
Select your machine and discover the most suitable blend for you al cheaper price!

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