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HAG caps compatible with Nespresso system

Capsule HAG compatibili Nespresso
Nespresso compatible HAG capsules
Compatibility with coffee machines

Nespresso Original compatible decaffeinated HAG coffee

HAG coffee, decaffeinated since 1905. HAG offers a new line of aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso Original system.
This is the perfect choice for those wanting low caffeine without giving up an excellent espresso.  HAG Classic Decaffeinated Coffee has a delicate taste and refined body, a creamy blend with notes of cocoa and berries.
The coffee gets decaffeinated before roasting to preserve its aroma and taste, and has a caffeine content of no more than 0.10%.
HAG aluminum caps suit all Nespresso Original coffee machines. Caffé HAG was born in 1905 in Bremen, Germany, where Ludwig Roselius, owner of Kaffee Handels Aktien Gesellschaft - hence the acronym HAG) -developed the first process for eliminating caffeine from coffee beans. Since then, Caffè HAG has always been synonymous with quality decaffeinated espresso.
Caffé HAG is appreciated in Italy, where it gained fame thanks to its advertising claims: Caffé HAG, pure coffee without caffeine, saves the heart, allows sleep, does not agitate the nerves or “Caffé HAG: taste does not need caffeine”.

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