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Agostani Small Cup Coffee Machine

Coffee machine Small Cup Agostani
Agostani Small Cup

This machine fits only Caffé Agostani Small line capsules

Agostani Small Cup coffee machine

Agostani Small Cup coffee capsule machines for sale online

On you can buy on line the new Caffé Agostani Small Cup capsule coffee machines. These italian espresso machines are compact, modern, and minimal and come from Agostani's long experience in the sector. Their compact size makes them suitable for small environments, both for home and office use. Five colors are available: white, red, black, blue, and lime.
The Small Cup machine fits Caffè Agostani Small line caps only. A wide selection of espresso capsules is available and comes from a careful selection of the best blends. Hot drinks such as barley coffee, ginseng, cappuccino, cortado, hazelnut, chocolate, lemon tea, chamomile, flavored coffee are also available.
Agostani Small Cup coffee machine features a large 850 ml water tank, adjustable cup-rest grid to accommodate the coffee cups (and also teacups or mugs), ejection system automatic capsule after use and collection in the appropriate drawer (capacity 8 used capsules). The two buttons Caffè Espresso and Caffè Lungo, make it possible to select the desired cup length. It is possible to adjust the water supply temperature, and the stand-by function automatically turns off the machine after 25 minutes of inactivity, thus guaranteeing energy savings.
The Agostani Small Cup machine has a two-year warranty.
Discover all the special offers, and taste the various blends at an affordable price!


Watch this video and discover the unboxing of the Agostani Small Cup coffee machine.

Watch this video to see the coffee dispensing of the Agostani Small Cup coffee machine.

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