Capsules and Pods for Matica Machine - Espressitaliani

In this section you can find all the capsules and pods compatible with the coffee machine Matica - Espressitaliani

Compatible coffee capsules and pods for Matica - Espressitaliani  

Capsules and Pods for Matica Espressitaliani Coffee Machines

Espressitaliani is an innovative system born from the collaboration with Termozeta (brand with great experience in the household appliances sector). This delivery system asingle-dose capsules uses a reliable and practical coffee machine that allows you to prepare a perfect coffee in a short time.

There Matica by Espressi Italiani is characterized by a extreme ease of use guaranteed by the various components supplied: a system of automatic capsule ejection, ar emovable used capsule collection drawer with stainless steel grate and a removable tank (1 liter). All this also allows for simple cleaning of the coffee machine.

It deserves a special mention 20 bar high pressure pump which allows, together with the special patented device, to brew a rich and creamy coffee.

The Matica espresso machine gives its best using the Caffè Agostani compatible pods which can be purchased on at a great price cheap. In this way you can have an espresso coffee of high quality with a significant savings!

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