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Capsules and pods for Lavazza InBlack coffee machine

Capsules and pods for Lavazza In Black espresso machines

Lavazza In Black perfectly represents the right mix between style, elegance, and functionality. This innovative coffee machine designed by Nims has been created to fit the Lavazza InBlack system, allowing you to taste a perfect creamy espresso, even at home.

The innovative design by Pininfarina makes this machine suitable for modern home or office use. Beneath the refined shapes, the Lavazza InBlack features a coffee brewing technology that makes this machine practical and functional and, of course, beautiful.

It features only top-quality materials and is equipped with a used capsule collector drawer (*which can hold up to 18 pods) and a large water tank (*with a capacity of 1.8 litres). It has a Stand-by system for energy saving.
If you want to get the best from your In Black Lavazza, in addition to the original capsules, you can buy the best compatible caps produced with the finest coffee blends.

With Agostani coffee pods you can taste a great espresso with an unmistakable aroma at a convenient price.

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