System: Lavazza Blue

50 Agostani Coffee Capsules Puccini compatibile Lavazza BLUE e Lavazza In Black

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50 Agostani compatible coffee pods for Lavazza BLUE and Lavazza In Black Coffee Makers

50 Capsule Caffè Agostani Puccini Linea Top

Fine and velvety blend, delicate coffee with sweet cream, elitist for real connoisseurs.
Freshness pack.
Coffee capsules packed separately to To enhance the organoleptic properties of coffee.

100% compatibility with your Lavazza BLUE in BLACK Coffee Machine.

Blend Features

Body 3/5
Sweetness 4/5
Aroma 4/5

Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee
Gluten free Gluten-free product suitable for people with celiac disease
Compatibility with coffee machines
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