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10 STARBUCKS® Decaf Espresso Roast capsules by Nespresso® , decaffeinated coffee

Pack of 10 STARBUCKS® by Nespresso® Decaf Espresso Roast capsules, for a decaffeinated espresso coffee with caramelized notes.
System: Nespresso
GTIN: 7613036961868
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STARBUCKS® capsules by Nespresso® are perfect to taste the best coffee blends from STARBUCKS® stores, even at home.

STARBUCKS® Decaf Espresso Roast coffee blend comes from the perfect balance between coffee beans and roast. Decaffeinated espresso with a caramel sweetness, available in aluminum capsules to keep the fresh aroma and all organoleptic characteristics.


. Decaffeinated espresso coffee with rich caramelized notes

· Packs of 10 capsules

· Roasted and ground decaffeinated coffee in single-dose aluminum capsules of 5.7g each

· 100% Arabica blend

· Strong roast

· Intensity 11/12

· Gluten-free


Features Decaf Roast STARBUCKS Nespresso
Products specifications
Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee

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