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108 Illy Iperespresso INTENSO 100% Arabica Dark Roast pods

Illy Iperespresso Intenso, bold roast coffee capsules 100% Arabica. Intensely roasted coffee, robust finish with lively notes of cocoa and dried fruit.
System: Iperespresso
GTIN: 8003753979045
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108 capsules (6 packs of 18 capsules) of 
Illy Iperespresso 100% Arabica INTENSE coffee - Dark Roasting

Illy Bold roast. Intense coffee with a strong taste, enhanced by the aromas of cocoa, toast and caramel.

If you are looking for the dark roasted coffee in the pack with a black band, now you will find it in the INTENSE taste pack with the burgundy band.


suitable for home machines
NOT suitable for professional systems


Illy Iperespresso capsules compatibility


Compatibility with coffee machines


Compatibility with coffee machines
Products specifications
Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee


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