Capsules and Pods for Bialetti Automatic Break Machine

In this section you can find all the capsules and pods compatible with the coffee machine Automatic Break Bialetti

Compatible coffee capsules and pods for Break Automatica Bialetti  
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Capsules and Pods for Bialetti Break Automatic Machine

Break Automatic is the automated version of the home Break espresso machineBialetti.
Like the rest of the Break line it has aultra-modern design Andcompact size (with a depth of less than 30cm) that allow it to adapt perfectly to any type of kitchen.
The Break Automatic has the same functions and features as the classic Break, but in addition it allows you toeasily program the flow of coffee according to the requirements. The special system atimer guarantees constant brewing time, to ensure an optimized result in the cup for long or short coffee.
Break Automatica will win you over with its soft lines and chrome finishes, but above all you will appreciate its ability to deliver a perfectly made espresso at home.
In fact thepowerful 20 bar pump allows optimal extraction for an aromatic and full-bodied coffee. While thethermoblock boiler allows a hot coffee at the right point from the first delivery.
Break Automatic by Bialetti with theCaffè Agostani compatible capsules (available for purchase to theBest price) is the perfect match for lovers of design and quality coffee breaks.

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