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128 aluminum capsules of Bialetti VENEZIA - I caffè d’Italia

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128 caps of Bialetti I Caffè d'Italia VENEZIA Espresso Bar blend, intensity 7, soft flavor. 8 boxes of 16 aluminum caps

Bialetti I Caffè d'Italia aluminum capsules - VENEZIA blend

The Bialetti Venezia blend is a tribute to Venice: a refined coffee with a light and enveloping body, with spices, and vanilla hints which has its roots in the period in which Venice was the city of merchants and recalls the tastes and aromas of refined products from the Near East.
A long history has led the Venetians to appreciate raw coffee and lightly roasted Arabica blends that naturally offer a pleasant vanilla note.
When Venetian explorers imported coffee from the Orient using their wooden sailing ships, the beans were covered by a yellowish patina due to the tropical ocean winds. This made the coffee truly inimitable, fragrant, and full-bodied.
Ideal for lovers of round, sweet, delicate espresso coffee with vanilla scents.
The Bialetti aluminum caps are 100% recyclable and allow the aroma and organoleptic properties to be preserved in the best possible way, providing freshly ground coffee.
I caffè d'Italia caps suit all coffee machines that use the Bialetti system, such as Gioia, Mignon, Super, Break, Mokona, Tazzona Mokespresso and more.
Pack of 8 boxes (16 capsules each).
Each Bialetti capsule contains 7 grams of coffee, perfect for your espresso, as good as that of your favorite bar.
Intensity 7.
Sweet taste.

Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee
Allergens Può contenere orzo e/o latte
Compatibility with coffee machines
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