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128 aluminum capsules of Bialetti MILANO - I caffè d’Italia

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128 caps of Bialetti I Caffè d'Italia MILANO Espresso Bar blend, intensity 7, soft flavor. 8 boxes of 16 aluminum caps

Bialetti I Caffè d'Italia aluminum capsules - MILANO 100% Arabica

The Bialetti Milano blend is a tribute to the city of Milan: a precious blend of 100% Arabica origin with notes of flowers and dried fruit. It allows you to make an espresso coffee with a light and soft taste and a strong aromatic intensity.
A balanced, sweet, and velvety coffee with an intense and fragrant aroma of fresh fruit. Ideal for those who drink several coffee cups during the day.
The Bialetti aluminum caps are 100% recyclable and allow the aroma and organoleptic properties to be preserved in the best possible way, providing freshly ground coffee.
I caffè d'Italia caps suit all coffee machines that use the Bialetti system, such as Gioia, Mignon, Super, Break, Mokona, Tazzona Mokespresso and more.
Pack of 8 boxes (16 capsules each).
Each Bialetti capsule contains 7 grams of coffee, perfect for your espresso, as good as that of your favorite bar.
Intensity 7.
Soft taste.

Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee
Allergens Può contenere orzo e/o latte
Compatibility with coffee machines
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