30 instant ginseng coffee (powder preparation for 60 ginseng coffee cups)

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Powder preparation to be melt in hot water for a coffee and ginseng flavored drink. Pack of 30 sachets = 60 cups of ginseng coffee.

Powder mix for coffee and ginseng flavored drink

Pack of 30 sachets of powder preparation to make an excellent ginseng coffee at home.
How to prepare: pour the content of the bag into the cup, add hot water, mix and serve.
It is recommended to melt 20 g of instant preparation in 120 ml of hot water. With a 20g bag, it is possible to prepare two cups of coffee and ginseng flavored drink.
All the 20g bags are packaged in single doses.
Ginseng coffee is an excellent alternative to espresso, suitable for both breakfast and a moment of relaxation, at any time of the day.

Ingredients zucchero, sciroppo di glucosio, olii vegetali idrogenati, caffè istantaneo (10,5%), proteine del latte, estratto di ginseng (<1%), aroma di caffè, emulsionante: mono e digliceridi degli acidi grassi (E471), aromi.
Allergens Latte e derivati
Compatibility with coffee machines
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