Pods and Capsules for Bialetti Tazzona Trio

In this section you can find all the capsules and pods compatible with the coffee machine Tazzona Trio - Bialetti

Capsules and Pods for Tazzona Bialetti Trio Coffee Machine

La Tazzona Bialetti, a coffee machine in the shape of a giant coffee cup was produced in two versions: Mono and Trio. Depending on the model, different pods and capsules are available.

There Bialetti Tazzona TRIO(product code CF36) is a coffee machine multisystem, which works with ground coffee(in powder), with the 44mm ESE paper filter pods, with thecapsulesin aluminum Bialetti Mokespresso I Caffè d'Italia, or with the Caffè Agostani compatible capsules.

If you have the standard model that only works with capsules, visit the section Bialetti Tazzona Mono.

PS: if you already have the Agostani adapter for Tazzona Bialetti Trio, you can continue to use the Caffè Agostani capsules compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point.

Compatible coffee capsules and pods for Tazzona Trio - Bialetti  
Originals coffee capsules and pods for Tazzona Trio - Bialetti  
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