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100 bidose capsules (200 cups) Agostani Arabica coffee compatible with Lavazza NIMS without adapter

Pack of 100 bidose capsules (200 cups) Caffè Agostani Arabica for Lavazza Nims ECL 101 and Espresso & Cappuccino coffee machines
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100 Coffee Pods Agostani BIDOSE (200 coffees) ARABICA blend for Lavazza NIMS machines

Pack of 100 two-dose capsules, suitable for the preparation of 200 coffees.
1 pod = 2 coffees
No need for adapters.


100% Arabica blend.
Great body, roundness, richness of toasted aromas.
The class and character of this blend will win you over without compromise.


Compatibility with Lavazza ECL101 and Lavazza Espresso and Cappuccino coffee machines marketed by NIMS spa.

Cialde Agostani bidose compatibili macchine caffè NIMS Lavazza
Products specifications
Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee
Gluten free Gluten-free product suitable for people with celiac disease


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