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30 Nespresso compatible Lavazza Dek aluminum coffee capsules

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Lavazza Dek coffee in aluminum caps compatible with Nespresso Original systems. For a delicate decaffeinated espresso. Intensity 7/13.

Lavazza aluminum caps compatible with Nespresso- Decaffeinated coffee

Lavazza Dek is a rounded decaffeinated espresso with notes of dried fruit and chocolate. Ideal for lovers of decaffeinated coffee with a velvety cream. Blend of Arabica from Brazil (60%) and Robusta from South-East Asia (40%) with a light roast, with intensity 7.
The perfect mix of strength and lightness. Natural decaffeination method that leaves the flavor intact, for all lovers of light, caffeine-free espresso with the classic taste and aroma of coffee. The Lavazza aluminum caps compatible with Nespresso Original coffee machines have Zero CO2 Impact as all emissions related to the life cycle of the capsules are balanced by initiatives to fight climate change.

Composition: Arabica and Robusta coffee.
Origin: South America, South Asia.
Appearance: golden cream and dark color.
Smell: notes of chocolate.
Taste: round and balanced.
Aromatic notes: chocolate, dried fruit.
Roasting: light and delicate.
Intensity: 7/13.
Recommended dosage: 40 ml espresso.
Aluminum single-dose capsules containing ground roasted coffee.

The Lavazza Dek aluminum capsules will soon replace the Lavazza Decaffeinato Ricco plastic ones.

Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee
Compatibility with coffee machines
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