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50 Barley capsules Lavazza Espresso Point

Lavazza Barley pods for Espresso Point System
GTIN: 8000070103733
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50 Agostani BARLEY capsules compatible Lavazza Point by Ristora 50 Agostani BARLEY Pods by Ristora compatible with Lavazza POINT

BARLEY - Espresso Point line
50 Barley Pods pack

Delicate and Aromatic natural sensation.

  • Blend
    Soluble Barley.

  • Aroma and Taste
    The fragrance of the roasted Barley with a delicate and rich notes.

  • Cup Yield
    Excellent for every moment, Lavazza Barley is ideal for all the people who love an healthy and balanced nutrition.

ECL 101 Coffee Machine
Products specifications
Ingredients orzo solubile.

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