SPECIAL OFFER: 300 mixed coffee capsules for Lavazza Espresso Point machines - Free shipping *

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The offer includes a mix of coffee capsules: 100 Agostani Classic, 100 Caffè Borbone Gran Riserva, 100 Lavazza Cremoso for Espresso Point machines.

300 coffe pods tasting kit Classic - Gran Riserva - Cremoso
compatible Lavazza Espresso Point


The offer is composed by:
  • 100 coffee pods of Agostani CLASSIC (an exclusive blend selceted and roasted with great care, intense and strong)
  • 100 coffee pods of Borbone GRAN RISERVA (unique coffee with balanced taste but also full-bodied and creamly)
  • 100 coffee pods of Lavazza CREMOSO (full-bodied and rich blend, with an intense and persistent aftertaste)

Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee
Compatibility with coffee machines
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