12 GINSENG coffee capsules of Lavazza A Modo Mio

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Pack including 12 Lavazza A Modo Mio pods GINSENG.

A Modo Mio - 12 Capsules Lavazza GINSENG (1 boxe of 12 capsules)

The Ginseng Lavazza A Modo Mio combines the excellence of the best espresso and the sweet notes of caramel and vanilla to the tonic properties that characterize the root of ginseng.
With its seductive, soft and creamy flavor, it will give you the pleasure of preparing a truly unique coffee at your home.
The ginseng root is a true natural energizing with antioxidant and reconstituting properties.

Ingredients Zucchero, sciroppo di glucosio, caffè solubile (12%), grassi vegetali di cocco, aromi, correttore di acidità, sodio bicarbonato, proteine del latte, stabilizzante E331, E340, emulsionante E471, estratto di ginseng (0,3%).
Allergens Può contenere tracce di glutine.
Compatibility with coffee machines
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