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100 Coffee Capsules of Lavazza Espresso Point Crema & Aroma (Cremoso)

Pack including 100 Lavazza Intenso Espresso Point capsules Crema e Aroma (now called “Cremoso”).
GTIN: 8000070104082
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Espresso Point Crema e Aroma line
has been replaced with a new line Web Cremoso Espresso Point:
the same aroma, the same Lavazza quality!

Lavazza CREMA & AROMA coffee pods - Espresso Point Line
Pack of 100 capsules

Coffee Blends with a pleasant strong and intense taste and consistent and persistent cream.

Perfect balance between stronght and sweetness.

  • Mixture 
    composed by the best Arabica coming from the Centre and South America (40%) and from the most prestigious African Robusta
  • Aroma and taste
    Strong, Persistent.

  • Body
    Consistent and persistent.

  • Cream
    Strong, with a persistent but sweet aftertaste.

  • Cup yield 
    Coffee with strong and firm taste, with excellent body, with intense and persistent aftertaste.


Adapters for Lavazza Double Shot coffee machines One Dose
ECL 101 Coffee Machine
Products specifications
Ingredients Roast coffee and grind coffee

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